#BREAKING: 1 dead, 20 injured in hot air balloon incident in Turkey

Local media in Turkey is reporting that a hot air balloon incident has occurred near Neveshir, Turkey, according to Sputnik.

At least one person has died and a further 20 people have been hospitalized in the hard landing of the balloon.


#BREAKING: One dead, 13 injured in carbon monoxide poisoning in hotel pool in Michigan

At least one person is dead and 13 people have been hospitalized after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel in Niles, Michigan, according to ABC News.

The incident occurred Saturday morning at a Quality Inn and Suites.

The problem was discovered when several people in the pool began to feel nauseous.

Six children, ranging in age from 10 to 14, were found unconscious at the scene.

#BREAKING: Dozens feared dead after they were buried alive by a landslide in Indonesia

Dozens of people have reportedly been buried alive in a landslide in East Java province, Indonesia, according to the Daily Star.

The victims were reportedly harvesting ginger when the incident occurred. Rescue workers rushed to the scene, where it continues to rain heavily, and are performing search and rescue efforts.

Authorities are not optimistic about finding survivors.

#BREAKING: Authorities are responding to reports of a large explosion in Texas

Authorities are rushing to the scene of a possible explosion that has rocked houses and produced a loud boom in Midlothian, Texas, according to CBS Dallas.

The police are unsure of the cause of the explosion.

UPDATE: Police say the “possible source is a product called Tannerite, the brand of an exploding target used for firearms practice.”

BREAKING: Several Injured in Massive Brooklyn Fire

At least nine people have been injured in an apartment fire in Brooklyn, New York, according to NBC New York.

The fire broke out at around 9 p.m. Thursday evening in a seven-story building.

Of the injuries, at least three are critical.

The fire is now under control. Investigators are working to determine what caused it.

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BREAKING: Roof Collapses at Casino in Las Vegas

A roof has reportedly collapsed inside the Monte Carlo casino in Las Vegas during a wind storm, according to witnesses.