#BREAKING: Dozens dead in shrine attack carried out by employee

A custodian at a shrine in Punjab province, Pakistan, has gone on a stabbing rampage along with others in the shrine he’s employed at, according to Fox News.

At least twenty people have been killed, and the death toll is expected to rise.

At least five people have been arrested in the stabbings, which took place after the victims were all intoxicated. They were killed with batons and knives.


#BREAKING: An American has been arrested for attempting to join ISIS terrorist group

Zakaryia Abdin, an 18-year-old from South Carolina, has been taken into custody in Charleston, South Carolina, on charges that he was attempting to leave the United States to join the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS), according to the Department of Justice.

The FBI took Abdin into custody before he allegedly traveled overseas. He is being charged with attempting to provide material support for a terrorist organization.

#BREAKING: Officials Say Airport Security May Not Be Able to Detect Bombs in Electronics

Officials believe that bombs that terrorists are developing in order to put into laptops and other electronics may be able to breach airport security, according to CNN.

The revelation comes just days after the United States banned travelers from several middle eastern and north African countries from traveling to the U.S. with electronics.

The CNN report sources intelligence officials as saying the current security measures may not be broad enough to catch the types of explosives ISIS and other terrorist groups can place inside electronics.