Cardboard boxes are designed with many layers to protect the products they contain. Cardboard is made of Kraft paper. These boxes are used to transport products because of their ability to bear the jolt and weight. Cardboard boxes are especially used for shipping fragile and valuable items. Below are the benefits of using these boxes for shipping products:

They are Lightweight

 Corrugated cardboard boxes from Belley are light in weight. Some of them are multi-layered to ensure the safety of the valuables. Others are made from single-walled cardboard. This means that these boxes are easy to carry and transport without the help of a mechanical hand. Overall, they reduce the shipping cost and maximize the profit for the business.

They are Strong

Cardboard boxes have a strong structure. Corrugated cardboard has layered cardboard which provides it with a rigid and firm shape. Because of such layers, the box cushioning is increased, making it adaptive to tear, burst, and tensile. Also, these boxes have strong corners and the ability to absorb the jolt.

They are Flexible

Cardboard boxes can be molded and reshaped based on the need of a business. They can be customized to various sizes and shapes. Also, they can be printed with a company name or logo. They can be customized to ensure the boxes speak of the business they are used for.

They are Friendly to the Planet

 Corrugated material is recyclable so individuals and businesses can reuse them after a recycling process. When a business uses them for shipping and storage, they contribute to protecting the environment. Also, the material used for making corrugated cardboard is organic and there are no harmful chemicals used for manufacturing them. Because recycled boxes are available in cheap prices, they are ideal for packaging needs.

They are Cost-Effective

A lot of cardboard companies provide branded cardboard box at competitive prices. Buying these boxes in bulk can reduce the cost and maximize the profit. Also, using these boxes are fairly easy which helps businesses save on the labour cost.

They are Easy to Label

Cardboard boxes for shipping have smooth surfaces. This means that they can easily be printed with labels on them. Today, a lot of stores are selling printed shipping boxes but box companies can usually customize the boxes according to your needs.

They are Safe to Use

Cardboard boxes have no sharp edges so people don’t get pinched as they arrange them in the shipment carrier or in a warehouse. Also, they can be piled up without letting a business worry about damage.